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Your Functional Medicine Membership is a co-creation from years of working with our community to build the perfect solution, bridging the gap between conventional and holistic healthcare. Innovative and evolving, this membership is the ideal support you need to achieve your health goals.

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Functional Specialty Testing

I keep membership costs low by partnering with quality lab companies and offering their testing at wholesale cost to my patient members without markup. Your biochemical data is key in planning and measuring your progress.  

  • For hormone testing, I recommend ZRT Labs, Precision Analytical, or Labrix.
  • For stool testing, I use Diagnostic Solutions and Doctor’s Data.
  • For Organic Acid Tests and mold/mycotoxin, I use Great Plains Lab and RealTime Labs.

Click each button below for test information, collection instructions, and FAQ.

Support Staff

Nakota Wagner

Director of Operations

Jessica Functional Nutrition Coach and Patient Support

Jessica Bruno

Functional Nutrition Coach and Patient Support