INSURANCE  I do not contract with any insurance companies, Medicaid, or Medicare.  I want to work for patients, not insurance companies or hospitals.  Insurance is an agreement between you and a company.  I believe this type of business relationship exerts control over a patient and physician's decisions.  I believe the patient and physician should be able to co-manage the direction of medical treatment.  I will provide an itemized receipt for all services with appropriate ICD coding to submit to your HSA or Flex Health Savings plan if desired.


PAYMENT  Payment is due in full at the time of service.  I accept all major credit cards, cash, and check.   I also ask that we keep a credit card on file; this makes it seamless for you whenever you want to attend a workshop, schedule an appointment, or purchase any supplements in our office.  You will ALWAYS be notified prior to charging your credit card.

CANCELLATION POLICY  We require 24 hour notice prior to cancellation, otherwise you will be charged for your office visit.  Two no-shows within one calendar year, and you will not be able to schedule any further appointments.

LAB FEES  Most treatment plans do not need additional testing.  However, when the need arises, we will send you home with specialized lab kits that you can complete on your own or prescription orders to obtain blood work elsewhere.  We do not perform laboratory testing in the office.




Health Innate, SC, provides patients the opportunity to communicate with them by e-mail.


Transmitting confidential health information by e-mail, however, has a number of risks, both general and specific, that should be considered before using e-mail.


1. Risks:

a. General e-mail risks are the following: e-mail can be immediately broadcast worldwide and be received by many intended and unintended recipients; recipients can forward e-mail to other recipients without the original sender(s) permission, or knowledge; users can easily misaddress an e-mail; e-mail is easier to falsify than handwritten, or signed documents; backup copies of e-mail may exist even after the sender, or recipient has deleted his/her history.

b. Specific e-mail risks are the following: e-mail containing information pertaining to diagnosis and/or treatment must be included in the protected personal health information; all individuals who have access to the protected personal health information will have access to the e-mail messages; patients who send, or receive e-mail from their place of employment risk having their employer read their e-mail.


2. It is the policy of Health Innate, SC, that all e-mail messages sent or received, which concern the diagnosis, or treatment, of the patient will be a part of that patient’s protected personal health information and we will treat such e-mail messages, or internet communications, with the same degree of confidentiality as afforded other portions of the protected personal health information. Health Innate, SC, will use reasonable means to protect the security and confidentiality of e-mail, or internet communication. Because of the risks outlined above, we cannot, however, guarantee the security and confidentiality of e-mail, or internet communications.


3. Patients must consent to the use of e-mail for confidential medical information after having been informed of the above risks. Consent to the use of e-mail includes agreement with the following conditions:

a. All e-mail to, or from, patients concerning diagnosis and/or treatment will be made a part of the protected personal health information. As a part of the protected personal health information, other individuals, Lara Salyer D.O., physicians, nurses, other healthcare practitioners, insurance coordinators, and upon written authorization other healthcare providers and insurers will have access to e-mail messages contained in protected personal health information.

b. The office may forward e-mail messages within the practice as necessary for diagnosis and treatment. We will not, however, forward the e-mail outside the practice without the consent of the patient as required by law.

c. We at Health Innate, SC, will endeavor to read e-mail promptly, but can provide no assurance that the recipient of the particular e-mail will read the e-mail message promptly. Therefore, e-mail must not be used in a medical emergency.

d. Because some medical information is so sensitive that unauthorized disclosure can be very damaging, e-mail should not be used for communications concerning diagnosis, or treatment of AIDS/HIV infection; other sexually transmissible, or communicable diseases, such as syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, and the like; Behavioral health, Mental health, or developmental disability; or alcohol and drug abuse.

e. Health Innate, SC, cannot guarantee that electronic communications will be private. However, we will take reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality of the e-mail, or internet communication. However, Dr. Salyer and her team are not liable for improper disclosure of confidential information not caused by its employee’s gross negligence, or wanton misconduct.

f. If consent is given for the use of e-mail, it is the responsibility of the patient to inform Health Innate, SC, staff of any type of information you do not want to be sent by e-mail.

g. It is the responsibility of the patient to protect their password or other means of access to e-mail sent, or received, from Health Innate, SC, to protect confidentiality.


Health Innate, SC, is not liable for breaches of confidentiality caused by the patient.


Informed Consent Regarding E-mail or the Internet Use of Protected Personal Information Any further use of e-mail initiated by the patient that discusses diagnosis, or treatment, constitutes informed consent to the foregoing. I understand that my consent to the use of e-mail may be withdrawn at any time by e-mail, or written communication, to Health Innate, SC,



The Health Innate clinic is for those exploring the possibility of utilizing complementary and therapies, in conjunction with conventional medical care. Patients are required to keep a primary care provider and provide Dr. Lara Salyer with all medical information relevant to their health status. The services provided at Health Innate, SC are for therapeutic purposes only and not for purposes of diagnosis. In certain cases lab tests may be offered in order for us to better evaluate the functional status of a patient in order to better provide integrative therapeutic options.

Dr. Salyer can use her functional medicine specialty to help in urgent concerns. This does not eliminate nor replace the need for a relationship with a primary care physician, which is recommended by Health Innate, SC. Patients understand that: (1) if a symptom persists, they should see their regular physician(s) regarding traditional diagnosis and treatment options; and (2) should continue to see their regular physician(s) for conventional testing and screening purposes.

The practice of functional medicine is founded in evidence-based science, but no guarantees are made regarding outcome.


  1. Nutritional Supplements: Supplements and nutritional supplements may interfere with prescribed medications. It is important that a physician is aware of what combinations of medications and supplements you are taking.

  2. Nutrigenomic and Functional Medicine Assessment: Nutrigenomic assessment is a rapidly evolving science. It is an indicator of potential risk of disease development, but not an absolute guarantee of either avoiding or developing disease.


Functional Medicine assessments may help to better evaluate your health status. However, neither of these assessments should preclude nor substitute for traditional medical care.

All of the products offered for sale by Health Innate, SC have been scientifically tested by their manufacturers and independently reviewed for quality by others who are qualified to do so. If you would like to know more about the risks, benefits and limits of knowledge relating to the products sold at Health Innate, SC, please ask us and we will provide you with easy-to-read materials about them.


Dr. Lara Salyer makes every effort to provide the products it sells to patients as cost-effectively as possible. Health Innate, SC acts as a retailer for the manufacturers of the health- related products it sells. All health-related products sold by Health Innate, SC are sold at an industry-accepted markup. Health Innate, SC has made arrangements so that it can provide health-related products in-office or online through the internet as a convenience to our patients. However, if you prefer to purchase these products (or other similar products) elsewhere, please let us know and we will provide you with information on where they are available.