Mito Food Plan

The Mito Food Plan is an anti-inflammatory, low-glycemic, gluten-free, low-grain, high-quality fats approach to eating. The plan focuses on supporting healthy mitochondria through foods that improve energy production, all of which are listed in bold blue font on the plan’s food list. Mitochondria are susceptible to a premature decline in function by a host of common insults that can lead to poor health and chronic illness. Harmful food choices contribute to this decline. The plan supports the body in its production of energy, restores a sense of vitality, promotes healthy aging, and assists in both preventing the development of and treating chronic neurological disease. If consuming animal products, this plan encourages full-fat organic dairy and grass-fed meats that might have a higher quality fat content. As a result, calories may be higher, and fat servings per day may need to be decreased to control total calories.