Dr. Lara Salyer, DO

Health Innate Clinic

In-Office Services

Signature Care Program

A completely transformative experience with 6 months of Dr. Lara's attentive care.

Group Workshops

Learn actionable tips from holistic medicine that can improve your health immediately at one of my weekly Momentum Club Lunch-n-Learn workshops.

Basic Evaluation

A solid start to understanding your medical needs with clarity. Ages (5-99) looking for a thorough assessment and foundational plan.

Online Services

Create Your Functional Rx

For the price of a dinner and movie, you can learn sustainable health habits!


Reset your metabolism with a medically supported 21 day detox cleanse under the careful attention of Dr. Lara.

Right Brain Rescue

Get your admitting orders for the most innovative self-authoring program done online. You don't have to be Mozart or DaVinci, but by the time you're discharged, you'll think like them!

Special Services

Botox Treatment

As an artist, this is one of my favorite parts of my medical career: matching your inner beauty to your outer beauty with aesthetic Botox injections!

Discovery Call

I can help you unlock your creative "right brain" so you can contribute more with ease and delight in a toxic system.

Meet the Health Innate Team!

Lara Salyer Smith

Functional Medicine, founder Health Innate

Dr. Lara Salyer is an award-winning family physician whose passion is health education at the micro and macro level. After 15 years as a board-certified family doctor, she was unsatisfied with the troubling trend in America: increased dependence on prescriptions, yet decreased overall wellness. She went back for additional training through the Institute of Functional Medicine and opened her private practice in 2017.

Amy Roesch

Content Manager

Amy is a senior at Arizona State University studying Nutrition Communication. She has a passion for health and wellness and believes that with the right mindset, tools, and support EVERYONE can achieve their personal dreams and goals and live their best lives.