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Learn about membership with this 15 minute strategy phone session (only those willing to drive to Monroe, Wisconsin for initial visit)

For Medical Professionals

Don't re-invent the color wheel! Let me help you focus on where you can make the most impact, so you can thrive in a micropractice that is uniquely YOU

Botox Treatment

As an artist, this is one of my favorite parts of my medical career: matching your inner beauty to your outer beauty with aesthetic Botox injections!

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For the price of a dinner and movie, you can learn sustainable health habits!

Right Brain Rescue

Learn how to use the 6th vital sign of creativity to increase your joy and happiness!

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Fresh, engaging and innovative public speaking services for your next event!

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Prescribe interactive creativity to make wellness fun again!

Meet the Colorful Team!

Lara Salyer

Functional Medicine, founder Health Innate

Dr. Lara Salyer is an award-winning family physician whose passion is health education at the micro and macro level. After 15 years as a board-certified family doctor, she was unsatisfied with the troubling trend in America: increased dependence on prescriptions, yet decreased overall wellness. She went back for additional training through the Institute of Functional Medicine and opened her private practice in 2017.

Jen Ohlson

Content Manager

Jen has a degree in Interpersonal Communication from Ball State University, and has been working in health/wellness for 3 years. She believes that we are all meant to THRIVE, not just survive, and that health is an important factor to achieve this. She is passionate about helping and supporting other people so that they can find healing and start thriving!