Tell your stress to "VanGOGH AWAY!"

Why are kindergarteners so happy!?  I'm sure the extra recess time helps (monkey bars are magical).

Perhaps the key lies in all those projects with fingerpaint, paste, and scissors to CREATE ART.  Humans are innately creative beings.  As we age, we prune away these creative habits in favor of more "adult" hobbies like drinking Starbucks lattes, picking up dry cleaning, and stepping on forgotten Legos from your son.  

In a new study by Drexel University, they wondered if art could help lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels.  They gathered a group of people, ages 18-59, and only HALF of them had any experience making creative art.  The researchers measured cortisol levels before and after 45 minutes of making art....and 75% of the participants had lowered cortisol levels!

This echoes a crucial premise in my upcoming Right Brain Rescue program: "self- expression in a therapeutic environment can help reduce stress.”  By providing structure and training, Right Brain Rescue will guide healthcare workers to express this dormant creativity in new ways, lowering cortisol levels with each paint stroke!

Pick up that paint brush and create better biochemistry inside your body!

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