It would be fitting that my first blog post in my BRAND NEW HOME (thank you, Synqronus!) is about my own ancestors….the Finns.  The word “Sisu” (pronounced “SEE-soo”) is a Finnish cultural construct, meaning “grit, determination, perseverance.”   Turns out, there’s more to us than sunburns, vodka, and herring.  We LOVE our saunas!  And for good reason:

A recent study published in JAMA followed over 2,000 male Finns for two decades and found that the men who enjoyed a 20 minute sauna (at 174 degrees Fahrenheit) four or more times a week had 40% lower all cause mortality (ie: death), 50% lower cardiovascular risk, and 65% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease than the men who just did it once a week!  

And here I thought the sauna was just an excuse to stay warm in the frigid temps!  


Traditional steam saunas are essential in most Finnish homes.  It’s so commonplace, that you might knock on a visitor’s door and instead of being offered a cup of coffee, you’d be invited into their 212 degree sauna, followed by a naked roll in the snow or icy plunge in a nearby lake.

That’s one way to solve the problem of door-to-door solicitation.

No access to a detoxifying sauna?  There’s plenty of alternatives: portable dry saunas and biomats are an affordable way to sweat out those impurities and live longer.  

But you’ll have to supply your own ice, ice baby.