1. Eat a piece of bread.

  2. Drink a glass of milk.

Research shows that as bread is partially digested, you release peptides from proteins and these exorphins (gliadorphin and gluteomorphin) from gluten have opiate-like activity in the brain.  A tall glass of cow juice does the same thing, as casomorphins from milk also exhibit this same property.

Inflammation serves a purpose in our body: warning us of trauma, directing signals to the source of pain, helping our body heal itself.   That paper cut your thumb got at work is a small (but significant) reminder that a tiny assault on your body can feel obvious!

However, we live in an “inflammatory-centric” culture here in America.  You certainly wouldn’t want to suffer paper cuts all day long.  Then why do we continually dose ourselves with inflammatory foods three times a day?  Breads (gluten), dairy, corn, soy, sugar, eggs.  These can all cause inflammatory signals to be released in your body.  

And guess what happens then?  You certainly don’t feel high...but your body feels the high of stress.  Cortisol is spiked, biomarkers of inflammation are released, trying to direct your body to the site of “pain”.  Gradually, every part of your body feels more achy, tired, and downtrodden.  Mental fatigue sets in.  You feel….old.

This is why anyone who has completed an elimination diet or intermittent fasting can immediately feel the benefits!  Without that daily dose of inflammation (tiny paper cuts to your body) all day long, you are able to feel the gentle ease of comfort.  No inflammation.  No pain.  No dis-ease.   You allow an “reset” of your metabolism, allowing better efficiency.

Just say no to drugs.