Do you suffer from Brain Incontinence?

Hi.  My name is Lara.  And I suffer from Brain Incontinence.

It started with the back of my hand.

Then a crumpled gas station receipt.

Folded school concert programs.

Tiny memo steno pads.   Discarded wallet calendars.  Used wirebound notebooks.

And finally:  a 6 ft x 4ft dry erase board.

Anything I could write on, I would.  

I figured I just needed something big enough to hold all my thoughts.  Ever in search of a vessel that could capture my brain incontinence….

A dry erase board bigger than me will do the trick...right?

Do you suffer from word vomit? Idea dumps?

Neuroscience tells us that the average human brain can only hold onto four thoughts simultaneously.  The struggle is REAL, people.

Our “maximum working capacity” breaks down after overloading with more than four thoughts because certain regions of our brain stop communicating.  Our right and left hemispheres also have independent capacities.  

This research underscores the importance of maintaining “crosstalk” between hemispheres of our brain.  The prefrontal cortex (our “executive thinking brain”) needs to communicate with the other default (“imagination”) areas of our brain (parietal, temporal, occipital) for optimum memory.  

The more we practice this flexibility, the better polished our skills are with whole brain balance.

The more adept we are at generating novel ideas.  

Connecting the dots.  

Recalling stored facts that work together for an innovative solution.  

Guess what?  Stress and anxiety can impair our working memory.  Making us less efficient, more prone to mistakes, and overall unhappy with life.  Stress robs us of the ability to recall and connect our thoughts and ideas.

We can learn to work around this by practicing cognitive flexibility and neuroplasticity.  It’s is one of the main cornerstones of Right Brain Rescue.  This innovative program helps alleviate physician burnout by diving deep into the medical literature to

1. Leverage our brainwaves to our best ability

2. Exercise alternative thought processes

3. Reframe old thinking with a new narrative

Participants learn efficient methods to tap into creativity and influence their physiology at a biochemical level.

Until the launch of Right Brain Rescue, you can do your part to contain YOUR brain incontinence!  As soon as you purge your ideas and thoughts, you open up space to replace new ones:

1. Carry a mini-notebook with you (here’s my favorite!  These rainbow colored notebooks are small enough fit in your back pocket!)

2. Combine my TWO FAVORITE THINGS EVER:  dry erase AND notebook with one of THESE.

As my team and I are working diligently to introduce Right Brain Rescue by summer 2018, make sure you’re on the VIP list so you don’t miss any special pre-launch announcements!

In the meantime, (to borrow similar advice from Jay's potato chips): 

"Purge all the thoughts you want!  You'll make room for (four) more!"