Can't You Two Get Along?

Dear Emotional ("Right") Brain,

   I'm so over it.  Stop obsessing.


                   Logical ("Left") Brain


If it were only that easy!  Neuroscience is beginning to understand the paradox of our inner brain communication.  You KNOW that you're safe inside your new house on a hill, but your past experience with flooding in an old valley apartment will cause your heart to speed up at the very first rumble of thunder.  

Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing was originally formulated as a treatment to help recovery from past traumatic events.  The use of right/left lateral stimulation and muscle activation while talking through the emotions, allows the brain to communicate across the corpus callosum.  This can be done in a variety of ways with a trained therapist: watching a horizontal light tracker, holding vibratory paddles or even audio stimulatory cues.  Anything to alternatively stimulate the left and right side of your body and brain.  These emotional (right brain) memories are given new meaning as the logical (left brain) processes them efficiently.

Research theorizes that any bilateral cross body activity can produce benefits in a similar fashion.  This is why runners say they “worked through their problems” on a long run, or knitting allows peace and calm to settle on the mind as you reflect and process your troubles.  Walking and rhythmic drumming offer the same integration.  By stimulating right and left brain cross-communication, you build up neuroplasticity and resiliency.    

Brain cross-communication is the cornerstone of Right Brain Rescue, my new program to help "Heal the Healers".  It will combine cognitive exercises, tools, and activities to teach participants in whole brain balance.  Rekindling their intuitive Right Brain is essential to becoming more connected to themselves, their relationships, and will open up channels of creativity and insight like never before.  Sign up to be the first to know of launch date Summer 2018!