Calling the shots!

You'll never think of a shot glass the same after this blog post.  Beware.  ;)

Believe it or not: Despite all your effort to empty your bladder between baseball innings....or at halftime....or in the airplane bathroom, you still have an estimated 20-50 mL of urine leftover.  This is about the equivalent of a shot glass, and doctors call this 'post-void residual'.  (Yes, this is the reason your lovely kindergartener might plead to go potty as you're zipping up their snowsuit only 10 minutes after they JUST went)

Pro tip:  After you finish your next trip to the bathroom, have them (or yourself) hum a tune, count to 50, walk around, and then try to urinate again.  You'll have more to empty and then prolong your next trip to the bathroom!

What a shame to waste a shot glass full of urine, though.  It's full of discarded information that can unlock mysteries in your body's biochemistry!  

From a functional perspective, the Urine Organic Acid Test is the equivalent of "looking under your hood" and it can identify over 74 discarded metabolic markers that help describe why you might be struggling with fatigue, muscle aches, persistent bowel problems, etc.  This kind of urine test is completely different than what is done in a conventional setting (where doctors just look for infection, blood, or sugar).

After submitting a small amount of morning urine to my partner lab, I can see exactly what bacterial overgrowth is occuring in your bowel, the status of your mood with neurotransmitter remnants, whether you have micronutrient vitamin deficiencies from your prescription medications, and most importantly: the energy of your mitochondria.

For anyone who has attended my "Create Your Functional Prescription" workshop, you've witnessed that I routinely geek out over all things science and MITOCHONDRIA.  If you've ever suffered from "pain (achy muscles), brain (fog), drain (low energy)" you might be lacking in quality mitochondria.  These powerhouses are the key generators for our energy (ATP) and simple tweaks can bring immense benefits in mood, sleep, and overall gusto.  Within 90 days, over 90% of your mitochondria are brand new.  So each bite of food you take can either help or hinder quality production.  (Stay tuned for future blog posts as I connect the importance of mitochondrial health to creativity!)

Here's three SIMPLE WAYS anyone can help their mitochondria TODAY:

1.  Take deep breaths  Mitochondria use over 90% of our oxygen to make ATP, so let's deliver more oxygen to their factory door!

2.  Avoid toxins  Since these little guys are vulnerable to toxin exposure, you can help by choosing BPA free plastic, avoiding aluminum, and cooking food in teflon-free cookware.

3.  Eat some greens  It's estimated that Americans eat 1/3 teaspoon of greens per day.  Yet, our mitochondria need about 3 CUP FULLS of phytonutrients to supply the flavonoids and cofactors for efficient energy production.  

Take care of your mitochondria!  And if you ever feel "stuck" and wonder what you can do to improve your health, just start humming LMFAO's song "Shots."   ;)

A simple shot glass of urine can illuminate mysteries that you never even knew about your internal world!  If you're interested in a free 15 minute Discovery Call to learn how we can collaborate on a functional plan to help you, please reach out!  I'd love to talk to you!