Calling the shots!

You'll never think of a shot glass the same after this blog post.  Beware.  ;)

Believe it or not: Despite all your effort to empty your bladder between baseball innings....or at halftime....or ...

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Tell your stress to "VanGOGH AWAY!"

Why are kindergarteners so happy!?  I'm sure the extra recess time helps (monkey bars are magical).

Perhaps the key lies in all those projects with fingerpaint, paste, and scissors to CREATE ART.  Humans are ...

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Did you know we create our universe with 100 billion neurons inside our heads? Our perception of reality comes from our past experiences (using logic from the left brain categorization) and ...

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It would be fitting that my first blog post in my BRAND NEW HOME (thank you, Synqronus!) is about my own ancestors….the Finns. The word “Sisu” (pronounced “SEE-soo”) is a Finnish ...

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