"Yo momma......"


It's the *other* F word.

“I’m gonna fatten you up!”

“Yo momma so fat….”

"Do these jeans make me look fat?"

Trans fat, low fat, high fat…fat, fat, fat.

Fat has ...

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Make Plato proud

Alcohol is a hot topic of debate.

"Am I drinking too much?"
"When is it a problem?"
"There's too much hype. It's not that bad."

I am not one to ...

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Angry Bees, Unhappy Doctors



I could hear the aggravated sound over the heart murmur I was listening to in room 3.  My stethoscope rested calmly on the child’s chest, but the buzzing sound kept ...

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Opening the Door

*knock knock*

It was summer of 1978, and I was four years old.  Standing on my front porch, I could feel the heavy Midwest humidity envelop my skin. My sandals were strangling ...

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Calling the shots!

You'll never think of a shot glass the same after this blog post.  Beware.  ;)

Believe it or not: Despite all your effort to empty your bladder between baseball innings....or at halftime....or ...

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