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Episode 45: Preventative Wealthcare: How to Start Advocating for Yours TODAY

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“We really want to get you back aligned with your values. We’re bombarded so much with this consumerism and we get ourselves wrapped up in it so we want you to take your money story back,” explains April Stroink. April is a certified Profit-First professional, a financial advisor and money coach, and creator of The Money Fix, a suite of programs to increase financial literacy for millennials, families and entrepreneurs. When she and her daughter began to struggle with health issues that traditional healthcare was unable to figure out, April began to learn more about preventative health care and integrative wellness. After spending years working in the financial world, she noticed a correlation between Western culture’s lack of focus on preventative health care and a similar lack of understanding of preventative ‘wealth’ care. 

Many health care physicians who open private practices do so without having the proper financial management tools in their toolkit.

In order to regain control over your money story and make sure your spending is actually in alignment with your values and goals, it is important to have a money system in place. April recommends that entrepreneurs divvy their money into separate buckets, ie. bank accounts based on what it will be used for. As a profit-first professional, she advocates paying yourself first. So your first bank account should be for profit, followed by one for owner’s pay, then another for taxes, and finally one for operational expenses. This way you can keep all your money organized in a way that will be less confusing for your brain, and it will be easier for you to see where your money is going. 

Regaining your money power can feel really overwhelming, especially when most people are never given the tools to manage their finances. By re-aligning your money story with your values, you will ultimately prevent burnout and negative health outcomes. You can reach your financial goals and re-align your money story with your values by taking the time to re-organize your spending.

About April Stroink, BComm, RHU, EPC, PFP, Founder of Money Fix:

April is a money coach and financial advisor who specializes in helping people create and enjoy financial wellbeing in their businesses and personal lives. She’s the creator of the Money Fix – a suite of programs to increase financial literacy for millennials, families and entrepreneurs.

A certified Profit First Professional, April has hands-on experience increasing the profits for multiple businesses (including her own) through a proven, globally recognized system that makes businesses more profitable. April is a gifted teacher and speaker who leads numerous workshops annually at local colleges, business associations and masterminds. She’s helped hundreds of people and small businesses level-up their finances through her workshops, group programs and her astute one-on-one coaching.

In her previous life, April managed multiple investment teams throughout Atlantic Canada for a national insurance company. She was also the owner and operator of a successful Halifax retail operation. Today, April is a money coach – a supportive guide who helps you understand and feel confident about your finances and future goals. She’s known for her empathy and judgement-free coaching as she combines her expertise with her own experience of running her family business. April volunteers on several community boards, hosts a YouTube Channel with her daughter talking to teens about money, and helps out with her family’s 3rd generation blueberry farm. Most days you’ll find April in Halifax with her husband, their two kids and Mango the golden retriever. On other days, you’ll find her enjoying the slopes, the climbing crags and the seascapes around living her best life.

In This Episode We're Talking About:

  • There is no shame in your money story – you are not alone
  • The money system is not built to get you financially ahead – you need to advocate for your wealthcare
  • It is not too late to take charge of your money – step into your money power


  • “The same limiting beliefs that I see in money are these axioms that prior generations believed to be true, so we believe them to be true as well.” (12:28-12:38 | April)


  • “We really need to be growing all of the time. And we need to be growing into understanding money and how money flows through our business. Otherwise, we will not have the growth that we are looking for. We will end up in this place of burnout, in debt, and stressed about moeny. So in order to do that, we need to be questioning traditional finance and really making our own path.” (14:29-14:57 | April)


  • “We need to drop the blaming and shaming of ourselves because we were never taught. We were never given the tools. The tools and the training that we got were fraught from institutions that do not profit from us being financially astute.” (20:04-20:18 | April)


  • “We really want to get you back aligned with your values. We’re bombarded so much with this consumerism and we get ourselves so wrapped up in it and keeping up with the Joneses, and so we want you to take your money story back.” (32:29-32:42 | April)

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