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Episode 38: Hormone Guru Reveals All

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“First, understand that an OBGYN gets zero training in menopause,” explains Tara Scott, MD. Tara uses her 25 years of experience and board certifications in gynecology, functional medicine, and integrative medicine to help patients dealing with hormone issues like weight gain, infertility, and breast cancer. Tara first began learning about hormones due to her own difficulties with infertility from endometriosis. She attended a conference in 2003 about what was then referred to as the “root cause approach” and ultimately managed to cure her endometriosis. A few years after the conference, Tara’s brother died unexpectedly of a heart attack at only 38 years old. The loss of her brother from completely preventable means combined with Tara’s personal health journey led her to shift her focus to preventative care and women’s health, particularly in regards to the role of hormones in menopause.

The majority of gynecologists do not approve of hormone therapy or understand it well enough to feel comfortable enough prescribing it.

Traditional medicine does not provide any real training on how to treat menopause symptoms, and it can be difficult to separate out the facts from fiction due to there being no standard of care for hormone therapy within the industry. Hormones like estrogen play a huge role in women’s health impacting everything from acne to breast cancer risk, but most practitioners are not testing hormone levels in their patients. There are many ways to assess hormone levels including blood tests, serum tests, saliva tests, and urine tests. Each of these different testing avenues has their own benefits and there is no one right way to test. 

Hormones play an important role in overall health, especially in regards to women’s health. When hormones are unbalanced there can be very serious health consequences from minor inconveniences like acne and weight gain to serious medical conditions like endometriosis and breast cancer. Learn more about your options for hormone testing so that you can take an extra level of prevention.

About Tara Scott, MD:

Dr. Tara Scott, Hormone Guru, helps people find the cause of their symptoms and get them on a path to optimal health. With over 25 years of experience and 3 board certifications in OB/GYN, Functional medicine and Integrative medicine, Dr. Scott has helped thousands of patients struggling with hormone issues including endometriosis, breast cancer, weight gain and more.

She is the founder of Revitalize Medical group and Hormone Guru Academy, a course to help patients improve their hormone problems themselves. After suffering from infertility and curing her own endometriosis, she now helps others achieve that same balance. She recently partnered her practice with Forum Health to take Revitalize to the next level.

Dr. Scott has been speaking (including a recent TEDx talk) and educating for over 10 years and has taught doctors her approach in 5 continents. For her expertise, she has been featured on The List TV, Women’s Health, Shape, The List, Newsweek, Parents, Authority Magazine, and on numerous podcasts.

In This Episode We're Talking About:

  • Courses/education options to learn about hormones
  • Dr. Scott’s few pearls of wisdom about hormone testing
  • Removing the stigma of HRT


  • “If you’re interested, it’s because you have a personal vested interest, you have hormone issues yourself, or there’s a personal family member that has hormone issues, and obviously, my gynecology background kind of led me down this path of hormones anyway in my own personal journey with my hormones and infertility. So I think there are a lot of avenues to learn and it’s hard to weed through because there is actually no standard of care in the industry.” (7:00-7:28 | Tara)


  • “First, understand that an OBGYN gets zero training in menopause. We are not taught what to prescribe, how to prescribe, or the risks and benefits. I would say if you polled 10 gynecologists, even 100 gynecologists, 98% would say they are scared of hormone therapy, they don’t prescribe it, they don’t recommend it.” (8:39-8:55 | Tara) 


  • “If you’re getting education about hormones, and they say only do this type of testing, there is not one right test.” (13:19-13:25 | Tara)

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I worked as a family physician for 15 years until burnout changed the trajectory of my career. I realized I wanted to start a holistic functional medicine practice in my rural hometown and made it happen. In addition to practicing functional medicine, I now mentor practitioners who are looking to change their paths in healthcare by using what I refer to as the “Catalyst Roadmap”. I share each step of this framework with listeners so that they may apply it to their careers, relationships, personal goals, and projects. 

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