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Episode 14: Tips From an Art Therapist on Reclaiming Creativity to Ease Burnout

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“Art is such a valuable self care tool,” explains Amelia Hutchison, Artist and Art Therapist. Amelia works with clients all over the world through Zoom and at her anti-hustle art studio in British Columbia. She helps professionals learn to express their creativity and ease burnout symptoms through artistic mediums.  

According to Amelia, people often don’t think they can pursue art therapy because they aren’t good at art. However, the point of art therapy is not for the final product to be a masterpiece. Instead the goal is to find a way to express your emotions and experiences through a medium that is outside of your body. 

Art therapy gives adults permission to play and to do something that isn’t related to the hustle of their jobs and everyday responsibilities.

Tune into this week’s episode of The Catalyst to learn more about the power of art therapy, unique ways to express yourself, and how art can be healthcare.

About Amelia Hutchison, Founder of Art Therapy in Real Life:

Amelia is an artist and art psychotherapist living and working online from the Slocan Valley of British Columbia. She combines approaches from psychotherapy, counselling, and art-making to support people in their mental health. In addition to her clinical practice, Amelia runs groups and open studios for people to connect with a sense of play, rest, and real wellness through art.

In This Episode We're Talking About:

  • Art is not just for artists
  • Creativity is a powerful tool to connect and care for ourselves
  • Non-productive hobbies are crucial to resisting burnout


  • “I really think that the thing that made it possible for me to have an experience of post traumatic growth was that there was a creative holding space.” (4:06-4:21)


  • “We can take really simple materials and just see, ‘what would my insides look like if I was to transform this material and make a symbol right now?’.” (10:04-10:14)


  • “It’s a powerful message to send to yourself that I deserve space for play. I deserve space for things that aren’t productive.” (11:45-11:54)


  • “Art is such a valuable self care tool.” (14:48-14:50)


  • “Where does my value come from? If it’s not work, then where does my value come from?” (17:19-17:30)


  • “Having technical art skills is not important for expressing yourself or using art as a therapeutic tool. We’re so much more concerned in art therapy with how the process feels, than what the final product looks like.” (26:52-27:09)

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About The Catalyst Host, Dr. Lara Salyer:

I worked as a family physician for 15 years until burnout changed the trajectory of my career. I realized I wanted to start a holistic functional medicine practice in my rural hometown and made it happen. In addition to practicing functional medicine, I now mentor practitioners who are looking to change their paths in healthcare by using what I refer to as the “Catalyst Roadmap”. I share each step of this framework with listeners so that they may apply it to their careers, relationships, personal goals, and projects. 

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