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Mission Statement Mad Libs

The most important part of a solo medical entrepreneur’s business is finding their mission and tagline. Coincidentally, it is also the most nerve-racking and terrifying part!

Dr Lara Salyer Right Brain Recess Mission Statement Mad Libs

What is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement basically declares the purpose of a business that will transcend revenue. A mission statement can also also be personal. (What about you is transcendent?)

Why Have a Mission Statement?

If you are a business owner, a mission statement helps you find the right customer. It will help make your decisions easier. Once you nail down what your mission is, you are able to say “no thank you” to projects that don’t align with your purpose. It’s also easier to find the people you want to serve and projects you want to do that fit really well with your mission! 

It is a self-learning process. As you go through finding your mission, you will think about your own core values and your own why. It gives you purpose and redirects your headlights in the right direction on the path, because it is easy to get lost! It is also easy to be on autopilot and to keep saying the same scripts over and over without pausing and reflecting on whether you’re headed in the direction you’re meant to go or want to go. 

When I ask a patient in my office what they want their health for, I realize it is kind of like asking them what their mission statement is. You get lots of answers. 

“I want my health for my grandkids so I can sit on the ground comfortably and play with them.”

“I want my health for my business that I’ve been trying to grow, but I’m too tired and don’t have the energy to.”

“I want my health for travel, so I can sit in an airplane comfortably and hike mountains.”

A mission statement can be the perfect litmus test. It connects you to your intuition. The feeling inside for when things don’t feel quite right, because our body will always tell us. A personal mission statement is what we are on this earth for. To ask, “what are we here for?” When you verbalize this in a mission statement, it makes it even more clear.

Top Well-Known Mission Statements

Google’s mission statement is, “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” 

Tesla’s mission statement is, “To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.” 

Paypal’s mission statement is, “To build the web’s most convenient, secure cost-effective payment solution.”

As you can see, this is not, “I want to make a million dollars or serve 1,000 patients.” Those are metrics. “I want the best Google ratings or Yelp.” Those are measurements that might reflect how you’re doing, but a mission statement talks about things in more of a global term.

3 Steps to Writing a Mission Statement

1. List your core values!

Core values are single words that really resonate. You can even Google and you will find 500 core values like honesty, integrity, adventure, creativity and stability. None of them are wrong and they can shift! Circle your top 10 out of 500 and then narrow your list even more to maybe 5 or 3.  

2. Ask yourself, “If I wasn’t around, what would I be known for?”

Ask this of yourself or your business. What would your business be known for? Would your business be known for prompt service? White-golve service? 

3. What goals matter most to you?

What are you striving for? What goals would you like to have in this life?

Try a Mission Statement Mad Lib

I love Mad Libs! Back in the day, as a Gen Xer, we would take road trips and there was no internet. There were no cell phones so Mad Libs was it. Mad Libs are great, because you can plug in the words!

This is a Mad Lib that can help you find your elevator pitch. I use this all the time when I mentor health professionals. I help them find their purpose, their reason. 

I help _______A________ do ________B________ so they can _______C_________.

The first blank is “who”. I help who. Describe this person in detail! Are they a busy CEO? Are they a stressed-out mom? Low testosterone men? Is it diabetics? 

The second blank is “what”. I help who do what. Here you will describe their struggle. It could be building self-care strategies, rebalancing hormones or getting their sugars lower. 

The last blank is “why”. I help who do what so they can do why. Your why is the result of your impact. It could be so that your patients can wake up energized, live without pains, have regular periods and get pregnant. This is the thing that they will notice is different about their life after you help them.

For example, “I help busy CEOs manage their time so they can spend more time with their families.” See how clear that is! Another example is, “I help stressed-out moms build self-care strategies so they stay sane and healthy.” A final example is, “I help lonely teens find community so that they can thrive in school.” All three are super clear and have nothing to do with revenue. It’s a mission and a purpose.

Tips and Tricks to Finding A Mission Statement

2-Column List

You can go beyond a Mad Lib and write down a list with two columns. In the first column put what you do. In the second column list what the benefit is. For example, under what you do put, “provide a warm, safe home.” The benefit of that would be, “so your family feels secure.” 

Here’s a look at my own columns!

What I Do

The Benefit

I design infographics, so...

I design infographics, so...

I advocate on burnout, so...

I advocate on burnout, so...

I provide stress and brain balance to my patients, so...

I provide stress and brain balance to my patients, so...

I provide business coaching, so...

I provide business coaching, so...


Use a Thesaurus 

When you are making a mission statement let it marinate! It may not stick or you might find different words. Pop open a thesaurus and swap out a few things. 


Put it on a Business Card

Don’t feel like you have to have it set in stone. Don’t engrave it right away in the front of your office. Start with putting it on a business card and see how you like it!

If Nothing Else Works Try Word Vomit!

Sometimes it helps to talk to somebody. That’s why I provide mentorship sessions. Although you can create a tagline using the formula above, it is sometimes better to shout it out and word vomit! For those who want a taste of mentorship without a commitment, try a single session!

Mentorship is completely personalized and happens at the pace you need, tailored to exactly what you’re seeking at the time.  I can help you eliminate waste, plan efficiently, and shrink your timeline to success.

Dr. Lara Salyer’s Mission Statement

“My mission is to enhance the physician-patient relationship using creative methods that improve the delivery of healthcare with the goal of optimizing autonomy and understanding.”

My goal really is to work with physician-patient relationships, because on both sides of the desk is burnout. Patients are burned out. Physicians are burned out. If together we can improve communication, (whether it’s colorful infographics or helping physicians gain autonomy back) then all of us will be healthier! 

Right Brain Recess!

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