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The biggest difference between a struggling entrepreneur and a successful one is… (drum roll, please)

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Let’s play a game! Answer honestly, how well do you organize your life? 

My Finnish grandmother always used to say, “Everything has a place and there’s a place for everything.” This includes your thoughts!

We think thousands of thoughts per day, most of which are negative and repetitive. The key to effectively managing those thoughts is to mentally create specific containers that neatly organizes them so you only have to think about them once.  Then you can carefully file them away under their unique labels! 

As a Functional Medicine Doctor, with my own private practice in Cheeseland, Wisconsin I start all of my new patients on a “5 R Plan” targeted to heal their intestinal health. 

These principles go way beyond gut healing and can be applied in many other areas of life. I share some of my favorite ones below!

My Top 3 Tips for Getting Organized AF:

1. Remove

  • Remove distracting apps from the home page of your phone! Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Snapchat, and Tinder tempting you all day… Did this  #boomermom miss anything? (Sorry Tinder, it’s not you- it’s me) 
  • Remove obligatory commitments. Especially ones that aren’t in alignment with your values! Fortify those boundaries! Make your “Yes’” mean “YES!” and your “No” mean “NO!”.

2. Replace

  • Replace those stale and mindless habits! Schedule everything!
  • Replace negative thinking patterns. Instead of saying, “I’m not organized.” Say, “I’m in the process of learning how to be better organized.”

For example, set a timer and allow yourself 10 minutes on social media. Schedule your meditation. Schedule deep squats while gossiping errr I mean talking to your coworker. 

3. Reinoculate

  1. Here are some of my top tech tips (anyone else a huge fan of alliteration?! Just me? Okay.)
  • GSuite: It does everything! I personally LOVE the Google voice number and templates features. 
  • Google Calendar: Start scheduling everything! I personally enjoy color-coding my calendar to make it easy for my brain to process what is on the agenda for the day.

           Example: Yellow means I get to be a #dancemom that day

          Green= Speaking engagement 

          The best part is you can drag and drop if you don’t get to every task that day!

  •  Boomerang Plug-in: I use this to pause inbox if I just need a break or want uninterrupted time to focus on a specific task such as meeting with a patient or mentoring a health professional. I also use this to boomerang nonurgent emails back to me so I can address them at a more convenient time! 
  • Google Drive: This a great way to store and share projects that every member of your team can access whenever they want. 
  •  Voxer: This app allows you to send voice texts that don’t disappear! I use this to send voice memos to myself and to easily communicate with my assistant. 
  • Siri: This is an easy way to remind yourself of tasks you need to do or send messages without taking the time to physically type them. 
  • A Good Old Fashioned Journal: Yes yes I still use pen and paper for writing down new ideas, doodling, organizing my thoughts, etc. I even use colorful sticky notes to easily find what section I’m looking for.

Now I would love to hear from you! What are some of your top favorite organizational tips?

Dr Lara Salyer Blog Author Photo

Dr. Lara Salyer

I am a Functional Medicine Physician, Speaker, Author and Mentor located in Monroe, WI.


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