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Make Plato Proud

Everyone should have routine check-ins WITH THEMSELVES. Look at your habits. Consider your behaviors.

Alcohol is a Hot Topic of Debate

You might ask yourself the following questions from time to time.

  • “Am I drinking too much?”
  • “When is it a problem?”
  • “There’s too much hype. It’s not that bad.”

I am not one to polarize a topic or suggest there is one *right* answer. “You do you” is the mantra I live by... second only to my favorite quote by Plato:

“An unexamined life is not worth living.”

Everyone should have routine check-ins WITH THEMSELVES. Look at your habits. Consider your behaviors.

  • Are they working for you?
  • Do you need to adjust?
  • Pull back? Push forward?

When you recognize a pattern that is no longer serving you, it’s okay to pause and reflect. You deserve to feel energized and vital every day of your life. 

Many don’t realize the effects of small amounts of repetitive daily alcohol consumption.  Dynorphin is the chemical produced when you drink alcohol.  It’s an inhibitory neuropeptide.  It blocks excitatory receptors in your brain.  As a result, you’re left feeling a bit anxious, overly sensitive, depressed.  With continued behavior, nothing will excite you without a sip of alcohol.  

I view alcohol as a “treat”.  It should be respected as such.  There are those that have trouble moderating brownie intake (one brownie leads to eating the whole pan!).  The same can go for alcohol.  If that’s you, then you might need to abstain totally.  But there’s a whole spectrum of ways to build a healhier relationship with alcohol.  And it begins with reflecting on your immediate feelings TODAY. 

Are you feeling grounded, happy?

Are you feeling in control of your body and life goals?

If you’re feeling anxious, sad, melancholy or if you use alcohol routinely to “numb” or distract yourself from stress, you should reflect upon this.  There are many great resources to help you establish a healthier relationship with alcohol (This Naked Mind is a fantastic neuroscience approach that re-examines the role that alcohol plays in our lives in a non-judgmental format.  Filled with actionable tips and advice, it helps you build your ideal balance.)

Make Plato proud today.  Examine your life!

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Dr. Lara Salyer

I am a Functional Medicine Physician, Speaker, Author and Mentor located in Monroe, WI.


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